Legends of Tomorrow: 10 Largest Questions From The Season Four Finale

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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’s season Four finale left behind some massive questions going ahead. In “Hey World!”, the demon Neron’s nefarious plan culminated with him and his evil love Tabitha attempting to show Earth into Hell. To cease them, the Legends determined to construct HeyWorld, a magical theme park crammed with monsters, which was the dream undertaking of Nate Heywood’s late father Hank. The Legends confirmed the world that monsters aren’t to be feared, and so they finally destroyed Neron and Tabitha.”Hey World!” concluded Legends of Tomorrow season 4’s general story arc that started with John Constantine becoming a member of the time touring outcasts as they hunted the magical fugitives they by accident let free all through historical past. At first, the Legends have been simply sending the fugitives to Hell, like they did to Tabitha, the Fairy Godmother, however they started seeing the monsters as misunderstood beings and two new members joined – a fugitive shapeshifter named Charlie and Mona Wu, who turns right into a werewolf referred to as a Kaupe. The Time Bureau constructed a facility to include the fugitives, however sadly, this performed proper into Neron’s fingers as he clandestinely went in cahoots with Hank to make use of the fugitives to assist him flip Earth into Hell.Associated: Legends of Tomorrow Season Four Ending Teases Historical past’s Best VillainsBeating Neron at HeyWorld got here at an ideal price to the Legends; Nate died to revive Ray Palmer’s soul to his physique and in order that Constantine might destroy Neron. Nonetheless, after they received, the Legends altered the 2046 darkish future timeline the place metahumans turned hunted by A.R.G.U.S., which led to the disappearance of Zari Tomaz. To the Legends, who not bear in mind Zari, “Hey World!” was a complete victory, however the hilarious season Four finale left behind some main open questions:10. What Will Zari Be Like When The Legends See Her Once more?The Legends stopped Neron from turning Earth into Hell however they do not even notice what it price them: Zari vanished as a result of the Legends message of hope and understanding in the direction of monsters erased the darkish way forward for 2042 that Zari got here from. Therefore, she by no means took the Wind Totem or met the Legends, and her little brother Behrad joined the workforce as a substitute.Fortunately, Tala Ashe did not exit the sequence. In response to Legends showrunner Phil Klemmer, “Tala will likely be returning to the present however Zari, the character we all know and love, will not be.” This more than likely means Zari will encounter the Legends once more in season 5 (maybe Behrad takes them residence to Seattle to satisfy his massive sister) however she will likely be completely different from the snarky hacker and reluctant superhero followers bought to know during the last 2 seasons. Whether or not the brand new Zari will nonetheless be interested in Nate or if she’s going to be part of the Legends stays to be seen.9. Will HeyWorld Stay Open?Hank Heywood’s dream got here true when Nate used the Ebook of Brigid from “Tagumo Assaults!!!” to magically full and open HeyWorld – “The Happiest Place on the Planet!” However now that the Legends’ plan to make use of HeyWorld to point out folks that people and monsters may be buddies labored, will the theme park stay open? Additionally, HeyWorld was initially projected to take one other 2-Three years to be completed, which implies Mikey T. and the development crews who have been constructing the park bought screwed over when magic completed their job for them. Will Nate use HeyWorld’s earnings to repay Mikey T. and his crew’s contracts?Associated: Legends of Tomorrow Reveals Undertaking Hades Is HeyWorld8. What Occurs To The Fugitives Now?A giant query is what occurs subsequent to the fugitives? They have been initially being rounded up by Neron to function a part of his evil plan. However after the occasions of “Hey World!”, a lot of the monsters like Frederic the Ogre, the Minotaur, and the Puca have confirmed to be misunderstood and delicate souls. Will the Time Bureau place them in custody as soon as extra (or not less than those who’re nonetheless evil like Mike the Spike inhabiting the Martin Stein puppet)? Will they be let loose? Or will the monsters proceed to seem as gainfully employed points of interest in HeyWorld?7. Is Nora Darhk Caught As Fairy God Nora?Nora Darhk has repented from her time because the evil vessel of the demon Mallus. After surrendering herself to the Time Bureau, serving out a jail sentence, and falling in love with Ray Palmer, Ava Sharpe gave Nora a second probability. In reality, Nora had simply joined the Time Bureau as an agent when Tabitha tricked her into turning into the Fairy Godmother – binding her to her human host, Gary Inexperienced.Surprisingly, “Hey World!” ended together with her nonetheless being Fairy God Nora and caught with Gary. This doubtless implies that Nora will likely be pressured to satisfy every of Gary’s needs till Legends of Tomorrow returns from hiatus. Whereas that is nice for Gary, it will be sheer torment for Nora. How lengthy will she be pressured to stay Fairy God Nora and the way will this have an effect on her relationship with Ray (who would not thoughts her outfit)?6. Will There Be Fallout From Neron Posing As Ray Palmer?Neron posing as Ray Palmer, unleashing the soul-stealing Eyes app on the general public, and attempting to show Earth into Hell is certain to have repercussions for the ex-billionaire inventor of the A.T.O.M. go well with. After he turned a Legend and commenced residing outdoors of the timeline, Ray stopped being a public determine and it has been years since he left Palmer Applied sciences to Felicity Smoak. Ray briefly labored for the Upswipz courting app in Legend of Tomorrow season Three nevertheless it was when Neron possessed his physique that Ray Palmer re-emerged within the public eye because the CEO of Palmer X.Associated: Legends of Tomorrow: 5 Largest Questions From The Constantine In Hell EpisodeOf course, the general public would not know Ray’s physique was taken over by a demon, and so far as individuals noticed, Ray Palmer was stoking public panic about monsters and tried to summon Hell at HeyWorld. In fact, Ray can all the time simply hold being a Legend and residing on the Waverider till all of it blows over, which is what he’d been doing all alongside.5. Is Nate Staying At The Time Bureau?In season 4, Nate Heywood took a go away from the Legends and located a brand new goal working with Ava Sharpe, Gary, and his dad Hank on the Time Bureau. However will he stay at his new job after the occasions of “Hey World!”? The reminiscence of his dad’s loss of life will nonetheless sting and Nate may discover it troublesome remaining on the Bureau. Nate additionally was the one one who felt one thing was off when Zari vanished and it is potential the void she left behind will proceed to rattle him till they reunite in Legends of Tomorrow season 5.4. How Did Younger Zari Get To HeyWorld?9-year-old Zari saved the day when she stopped Wickstable from roasting Sara and it was Zari ordering Wicksty to bounce that led to him consuming Tabitha. So whereas it was nice that younger Zari was there, how precisely did she and her mother get to HeyWorld? Younger Zari lives in Seattle in 2019, which is the place the grownup Zari and Nate visited her firstly of “Hey World!”. The theme park itself is situated in japanese Maryland, so this implies Zari and her pregnant mother flew throughout the nation to go to HeyWorld. Little Zari should have been actually impressed by the business the Legends shot the place they dressed like Supergirl, Inexperienced Arrow, and The Flash.3. The place Did Wickstable Go?After the fully-grown Wickstable ate Tabitha and remodeled again right into a child dragon, he wasn’t seen once more the episode. The place did Wickstable go? Both the Time Bureau rounded him up or little Zari simply stored him after the commotion was over, because the dragon considers her his mother since he hatched. However that may imply Zari is rising up in Seattle with a pet dragon, whom she named Mithra. A dragon residing in Seattle might be one thing the Legends and the Time Bureau ought to hold their eyes on.Associated: Each Superhero In The Arrowverse2. Are The Legends Now As Widespread as The Trinity?The rationale Sara insisted on capturing a business the place the Legends dressed like Supergirl, The Flash, and Inexperienced Arrow is as a result of most people would not know who the Legends of Tomorrow are. She felt individuals wanted to see “franchise superheroes” to get them to go to HeyWorld. Sadly, the true Trinity advised them, “onerous cross” after they requested for assist (as a result of the Legends did not be part of the Elseworlds crossover), so they only dressed up because the Trinity. That is an general assertion on the Legends’ standing because the outliers of the Arrowverse who do not get the general public recognition that Supergirl, Flash, and Inexperienced Arrow do.After their victory at “Hey World!”, which was streamed to 3-billion cellphones, this might now change and the Legends may turn out to be as well-known because the Trinity. How will this transformation how the Legends function? As Sara mused to Mick Rory in “Nip/Caught”, the unique Legends have been recruited by Rip Hunter as a result of they have been losers who did not matter to the timeline, however that is not the case. Will the world embrace the Legends of Tomorrow in season 5?1. What Position Will The Legends Play in Disaster On Infinite Earths?The conclusion of “Hey World!” teased the format for Legends of Tomorrow season 5, which is able to see our heroes taking over historical past’s best villains like Genghis Khan, Caligula, and Charles Manson. However earlier than the Legends return in 2020, they should deal with this 12 months’s Arrowverse crossover, Disaster on Infinite Earths – though the Legends aren’t conscious of any of this but. The Monitor made appearances in each Arrowverse finale to arrange the Disaster however he selected to hold again, munch popcorn, and watch the Superheroes Vs. Monsters present at HeyWorld and he by no means made contact with any of the Legends. Nonetheless, Legends of Tomorrow will anchor one hour of the five-part Disaster on Infinite Earths crossover nevertheless it stays to be seen what function Sara Lance’s workforce will play within the upcoming Arrowverse cataclysm.Subsequent: What To Count on From Legends of Tomorrow Season 5

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